No, this is not the start of a new year

Thomas Millington

I will not wish you a Happy New Year at this time because this is not the beginning of a new year.  In case you hadn't noticed we are in the middle of winter [or summer -ed.]. This is not the beginning of anything. If you have been under the delusion that a new year has begun, then I am here to tell you that you have been led astray.

For your information, in the event that it has not been perfectily obvious to you, the year begins on the first day of spring. That is March 21st on my calendar. If you believe otherwise then someone has been lying to you all your life. Wake up and smell the roses. Roses bloom in the spring, not in mid-winter. This is not springtime, the time when the earth is renewed, when all of nature is reborn and begins anew.

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