"I'm a Baha'i" "So?"

{josquote}It is because of such people who are so obviously out of touch with the effectiveness of religion, and its application in daily life, that many are turned off altogether with anything that has to do with religion.{/josquote}

Have you ever noticed how a lot of people share things about themselves that you really could care less about? Or, in some cases, would rather not know? I mean, I generally am not concerned if they consider themselves an alcoholic, or what their sexual preference is, or whatever. Neither of these really tell me much about the person in question, and is often none of my business. I mean, if I'm making them dinner, and they tell me that they follow the laws of Koshrut or Halal, fine, or not to put in alcohol because they're an alcoholic, ok. But really, this should not be the start of a conversation with a stranger. If it is, then it tells me that they're more interested in themselves, and not really interested in a conversation with me. They have their own agenda. And yes, I know that's not always the case, but more often than not, it is. And so I have little interest in any of this until somewhere in the middle of a conversation, when you know that it is a point or topic that will actually interest me, or be of relevance to our relationship. That's rant number one.

Now for rant number two. Have you ever noticed how a few Baha'is (not you, I'm sure, dear Reader) think that the most important thing they can do is mention the word "Baha'i"? If you ask them how their day went, they will say something like, "I was able to tell five people on the bus today that I am a Baha'i."

"Woo hoo. Good for you", I think sarcastically.

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