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I think you're right, but missing a key element. The Ruhi Institute is also integral to the Administrative Order. I've given a few talks to youth about this, which I refer to as my "Killer Robots from Outer Space" talk.

Moving the friends through the sequence of courses prepares them for an event of catastrophic nature (such as killer robots from outer space). When the killer robots come and decimate humanity, we will need to do several things. One is to arrange devotional gatherings, so that we can pray to God together, our only refuge in difficult times. Two is to do home visits. We will need to go to our neighbors to make sure they're okay. Three will be to be able to teach children's classes because the killer robots have burned down the schools. Four is to be able to animate the junior youth, because they're surrounded by all this death and they have a choice - to be a part of the problem (become overseers within the Robotic Army and Binary Cult), or a part of the solution (Baha'i World Commonwealth.)

{josquote}I, for one, welcome our killer robot overlords.{/josquote}

The themes of the books include having a good understanding of life after death, because there will be LOTS of death (killer being the operative term in killer robots.) It is essential to know about Twin Manifestations, the Writings of the Bab and Baha'u'llah being the source of this Revelation that allows us to rebuild society. Memorization of the included verses is also important, because of course the killer robots have destroyed our libraries along with the schools. Teaching the Cause is essential to bringing people to commit themselves to Baha'u'llah. Walking together on a path of service allows the cycle to continue, training these people to now become a Mobile Ruhi Command Unit and traverse the wasteland to serve the few survivors you find along the way. You yourself need to understand the Covenant (lest you think you're the Messiah with the way people come to you for help) and a Historical Perspective, to know where mankind is going you need to know where its been, and all the mistakes that were made along the way.

Everyone needs to get on board with the Ruhi Institute. Pronto. Before the Killer Robots come.

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