The purpose of core activities

Earlier, I compared Ruhi to a virus and criticised the Haifan form of Ruhi for not encouraging social awareness.

...the original pre-1994 Colombian Ruhi “strain” probably had a better chance of catching on because it was more grounded in social action and economic development projects, and thus had a better chance of lifting a community — socially, spiritually and economically. The current “strain” has moved towards the inherently unsustainable Amway pyramid scheme model, where the product — balanced development of a community — is much less important than the “two essential movements” — clusters moving from C to A and participants moving from Book 1 to Book 7.
Swine Flew?

{josquote}…if someone were to ask us whether the purpose of our inviting them to join study circles is to make them Bahá’ís, we can confidently say ‘no’…{/josquote}

Well, it seems I'm wrong. Payman Mohajer, who is a  member of the Universal House of Justice, argues that the purpose of core activities is not to get converts but to serve society. He's reported as saying:

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