Empowering new protagonists through devotional gatherings

{josquote}In this case, a teaching team is accompanying participants in Book 1 study circles to host devotionals, and doing this as their focus for their cluster’s latest expansion phase.{/josquote}

These two reports of devotional gatherings in Phoenix, AZ (A) are nothing short of stunning. As you read, you will see the beautiful coherence between all the core activities. You will see descriptions of gatherings that superlatively implement the ideal of unity in diversity. You will see teaching teams lovingly accompanying the hosts, who are both doing this for the first time. And you will see that these gatherings are being organized and hosted by members of the community of interest. Now, what do we mean by “community of interest”? It is someone who is not a declared Bahá’í but is participating in the core activities, such as attending a study circle. What is truly exciting about these two stories is that the member of the community of interest is not just a participant—she is the principal protagonist of the core activity that she hosts!

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