Thoughts on Ruhi

{josquote}I don’t think it is “evil”, but I also don’t view it as the greatest thing to hit the Bahai community since ‘Abdu’l-Baha was released from prison.{/josquote}

Although it may be strange to see these words coming from a self-professed liberal Bahai, I don’t think the Ruhi courses are all that bad. My first Ruhi experience was actually pleasant. It was the first book in the series, and it was fun. I know myself and understand that I can easily get wrapped up in the academic study of religion, which is great. There is nothing “materialistic” about it (unless it’s an all purpose word that can mean anything.) But I have found within myself that if I don’t balance an academic study of religion with some devotional practices, it becomes just another intellectual interest for me. I think that is sometimes needed in order to take the tunnel vision away and see that there are different perspectives out there. But I also think that some tunnel vision is good in order to focus on a goal at hand.

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