"Baha'i-jacking" Certainly Not Limited to Baha'i

Catherine Beyer

I came across a Baha'i's response to a term in the urban dictionary known as Baha'i-jacking. Basically, it's when a Baha'i interjects religious preaching into a conversation that has no relevance or connection to it.

Baha'is are encouraged to spread the word of their faith. However, they also are not supposed to force it upon people. Baha'is are both proselytizing and religiously tolerant. They are encouraged to bring up religious topics when there is a natural and suitable digression in the conversation. In short, they are specifically encouraged not to Baha'i-jack.

But, besides the cute play on words, how did the Baha'i get their own religion-specific term for this practice? I've witnesses similar behavior from a wide variety of people, from atheists to Christians to neopagans, insisting that listeners "learn the truth" regardless whether they're interested or not.

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