Intentions of Teaching

{josquote}...when I am visiting a friend for the purpose of a spiritual conversation, it is just that. I am visiting them for the purpose of a spiritual conversation.{/josquote}

As you know, dear Reader, and as I continually remind you (and me), what I write here is only my own opinion. It is nothing official. In fact, there is no person alive today that can speak with an authoritative voice on the Writings. While the guidance from the Universal House of Justice is authoritative, there is still no individual alive who has that same distinction.

Despite this, I have to point out that when I quote scripture, it is still through the lens of my own understanding. The selections I choose, as well as how I embed them in what I write, are all based on the way that I understand them. But it is, in the end, only my personal opinion, and you are free to take it or leave it.

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