New children’s class materials embraced in Reno

A neighborhood children’s class in northern Reno, Nevada, that “has been going on for years and has not expanded,” says Renée Jaenicke, is making a special effort to introduce itself to more neighbors and also begin a study circle and devotional gathering for participants’ parents.

That’s one of several outcomes after just two meetings of a study circle in Reno, Nevada, aimed at bringing newly released Ruhi materials to teachers of neighborhood children’s classes.

The National Spiritual Assembly announced July 31 that 24 lessons are now included in an updated Book 3, the Ruhi Institute course that trains those wishing to teach spiritual education to children in Grade 1.

{josquote}Participants reflected that by acting and then, after reflection, modifying their approach to classes, they in effect will be including children in the process of refinement.{/josquote}

In addition, 21 lessons have been prepared for Grade 2 and 24 lessons for Grade 3, each level building on the one below it.

Eventually, says the National Assembly, courses will cover all grades leading up to when, usually at age 11, children join a junior youth group that focuses on spiritual empowerment through service and group activities.

Teachers of the northern Reno children’s class had met to discuss curriculum for the coming school year, says Jaenicke. “The hostess was going to put together her own materials.”

Then one of the teachers came to the study circle and immediately contacted the others, starting a chain reaction that resulted in plans to expand the class’s reach.

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