The Absolute M.I.N.I.M.U.M. Plan for E.B.T.

{josquote}...the fragmentation of our Bahá’í activities into “devotions” “teaching” “proclamation” “deepening” “children’s classes” “socializing” etc. is artificial and destructive of unity.{/josquote}

Here are some ideas for a basic plan to achieve Entry By Troops. It is not flashy, splashy, exotic or sexy, so you may not have heard of it. It does not require large sums of money, lots of people or even lots of time. All it requires is consistency. Consistency is like compound interest. It is not as exciting as winning a million in the lottery, but it is guaranteed to make you a millionaire if you invest a few dollars a day for every day of your life.

What must we be consistent in? As I said, just the basics. The kind of things you would expect any other organization to do. If we are absolutely consistent in the following areas, I firmly believe that God will do the rest.

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M - Meetings
I - Invitations
N - Newspaper announcements
I - Image
M - Message
U - Unity
M - Meditation & Prayer


When a seeker expresses interest in the Faith, one of the first questions they will ask is “When and where do you meet?” And nine times out of ten, they aren’t asking “when do we get together to intellectualize.” They want to know when we gather to worship together. If we can’t give them a straight-forward answer like “Sunday afternoon at John Smith’s house,” then we immediately lose credibility as a real religion.

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