Termination of Black Men’s Gatherings

Editorial, June 23

{josquote}The National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has issued a letter requiring that the Black Men’s Gatherings ... should cease.{/josquote}

The National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has issued a letter requiring that the Black Men’s Gatherings, a long-standing and positive feature of Bahai community life in the United States, should cease. The reason is not clear, except that the Universal House of Justice thinks this is “timely.” However the decision does not appear to affect other gatherings, such as those of Persian friends.

I have placed the text in the documents archive on my Bahai Studies blog, here, along with the earlier message from the Universal House of Justice to the Black Men’s Gathering, dated 4 December 2011. That latter is also available as a PDF here.

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On a Question for the Friends: What are we doing that might be keeping us small?

According to this delegate, Borna asked a really good question at Baha'i National Convention.
What are the barriers to growth? What are the cognitions that limit our thinking and prevent us from acting in a way that is optimal for the growth of the Faith? Asking the kind of reflective questions that Borna typically asks is the key to unlocking the door to dramatic expansion. -gw

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Attending Baha’i Study Circle: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Study Circle with my Baha'i Mentor during Project Conversion

My phone rang around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, just as I had finished washing a sink full of dishes. I looked at the caller I.D. and smiled. I tapped the “answer” button and said, “Allah’u'Abha!”

It was my Baha’i Mentor from February of 2011, Dr. McCormick. She still gets tickled by the fact that I remember the Baha’i greeting.

“Allah’u'Abha Andrew, how are you?”

“Oh I’m hanging in there. What can I do for you?”

“Well, I know you’re busy these days, but we’re having Study Circle tonight and I wondered if you’d like to attend?”

I stopped drying a plate. “Did you say ‘we’?”

“Yes! There are a few people coming over who are investigating and I thought who better to help me than my old student.”

Frankly, she had me at Allah’u'Abha.

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The Ahd Couple

In this part of the Kitab-i-Ahd, Baha'u'llah shares with us two quotes. Obviously he feels that these two quotes are significant enough to warrant bringing them to our attention in this last document He will share with us. The first is that weighty passage from the Kitab-i-Aqdas in which He tells us to turn to the Master. You know, that one that begins, "When the ocean of My presence hath ebbed..."

{josquote}He doesn't say only some things. And certainly not only the things that I agree with. No. He says all things. And you know what? I think He means it.{/josquote}

But what about the second? "All things are of God." Why has He chosen this other seemingly innocuous quote to share with us? Even though I know you already know this passage by heart, dear Reader, let's look at it again:

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Bahai stresses on power of youth

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IMPHAL, Feb 22: Youth empowerment is essential for a better society declared Farida Vahedi, director, office of public affairs, Bahai Community of India, at a press conference organized at Manipur Press Club today. They have taken steps such as specially designed courses that empower youths and working with local clubs to build a better community stated Ng. Nabakumar, Member of the Regional Council who also addressed the press conference. He also introduced a young member of the Bahai Community of Manipur who had represented India at a UN conference on Child and Gender issues in the year 2007. A seminar titled ‘Empowerment of Youth for Transformation of Society’ was also organized by the Bahai Community of Manipur on 20th Feb at Manipur University which was well attended by professors and students.

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