Intentions of Teaching

{josquote}...when I am visiting a friend for the purpose of a spiritual conversation, it is just that. I am visiting them for the purpose of a spiritual conversation.{/josquote}

As you know, dear Reader, and as I continually remind you (and me), what I write here is only my own opinion. It is nothing official. In fact, there is no person alive today that can speak with an authoritative voice on the Writings. While the guidance from the Universal House of Justice is authoritative, there is still no individual alive who has that same distinction.

Despite this, I have to point out that when I quote scripture, it is still through the lens of my own understanding. The selections I choose, as well as how I embed them in what I write, are all based on the way that I understand them. But it is, in the end, only my personal opinion, and you are free to take it or leave it.

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The Ruhi-Style: A Thought

{josquote}The Ruhi-style, as far as I can tell, is to have a very specific goal in mind and then take years of trial and reflection to see how to best achieve that goal.{/josquote}

"Can you facilitate a study of these quotes", she asked me, "in a Ruhi-style?" I had no idea what that meant. I mean, I had heard this request many times in the past, or the similar "We're going to study this Ruhi-style." What I presume this means, this "Ruhi-style", is to look at a passage from the Writings and ask a few simple questions, the answer to which is the passage itself. Oh, and then you would look at a few simple applications of said passage in your daily life.

But that, as you know, dear Reader, is only the simplest and most basic level of study that is done in the Ruhi curriculum.

My answer, as you can guess, was a simple "No, I can't."

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"Baha'i-jacking" Certainly Not Limited to Baha'i

Catherine Beyer

I came across a Baha'i's response to a term in the urban dictionary known as Baha'i-jacking. Basically, it's when a Baha'i interjects religious preaching into a conversation that has no relevance or connection to it.

Baha'is are encouraged to spread the word of their faith. However, they also are not supposed to force it upon people. Baha'is are both proselytizing and religiously tolerant. They are encouraged to bring up religious topics when there is a natural and suitable digression in the conversation. In short, they are specifically encouraged not to Baha'i-jack.

But, besides the cute play on words, how did the Baha'i get their own religion-specific term for this practice? I've witnesses similar behavior from a wide variety of people, from atheists to Christians to neopagans, insisting that listeners "learn the truth" regardless whether they're interested or not.

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Creating COHERENCE among the core activities

Teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A report shared on the Thai mailing list that demonstrates understanding of the need for the core activities to be integrated, which would involve invitation of contacts made in one such activity (e.g. with childrenÂ’s classes, inviting the parents) to another of the core activities (e.g. study circles or devotional meetings). Home visits would here provide the link between the various components of the system (the institute process) as a whole.

One may note the degree of focus and coordination achieved among the participants in the expansion phase through the formulation of a clear and realistic strategy for the groupÂ’s efforts, as stated in line two. A valuable learning on how to introduce Ruhi book 1 (giving a taster) to potential participants is also to be found. Any better?!

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I was checking out different things on the net the other day, when I ran across something on the Urban Dictionary that caught my attention. Now, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the site. It's one of those sites where anybody can go in and change whatever they want, kind of like a less scrupulous Wikipedia. But every now and then something of interest does come across the radar.

That day it was the term Baha'i-jacking. Now I have to admit, there is some twisted little place inside of me that actually admires the creation of the term. It's clever.

And it also points to a growing problem that I have seen amongst some of the friends.

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