The Baha'i Faith is Homophobic

The following was a handout at an Association for Baha'i Studies conference:

Re-thinking Same-Sex Attraction: And the General Principles of How to Overcome It
By Lynne Schreiber

Lynne Schreiber • Rethinking Same‐Sex Attraction and General Principles of How to Overcome It

The fact that some people experience same-sex attraction as unwanted and take measures to overcome it remains somewhat hidden from society, including much of the mental health profession. Shedding light on this process may be encouraging news to those who struggle with such attraction. Understanding the complex factors that commonly shape same-sex attraction unlocks the possibility to conceptualize a new framework for growth.

Lynne Schreiber’s expertise comes not through academic study or professional years of service, but through 20 years of struggle and spiritual transformation. The presenter has also gained much learning through extensive study of the Bahá’í guidance, Christian materials and cutting edge research on overcoming same sex attractions.

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