The Baha'i Faith and Homosexuality

Is homosexuality sinful? If so, is it the romantic feelings for a person of the same gender, or the sexual acts themselves? Is it sinful to be in a same-sex relationship if sexual acts aren’t performed? If homosexuality isn’t sinful, what basis is there for most religions of the world declaring it so? The Bahá’í Faith prides itself on accepting a union between science and religion, attacking prejudice, and overcoming “blind superstition” in fighting for the equality of all peoples – but does this thinking extend toward sexuality?

I should start by stating that I will not discuss homosexuality and previous religions, because I myself do not have the background necessary to “dig” into the texts and history necessary to adequately respond to the relationship between Christianity, Islam, and homosexuality. I also do not want to simply “brush off” religious law as limited to the past, because the way in which one does this opens all of religion up to being “brushed off” as an artifact of the past. Generalizations without knowledge are a very poor way of rationalizing individual desires in religion, and are not conducive to the dialogue that needs to occur if we want society to end social pressure against minorities.

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