Better to Live in Truth

{josquote}Baha'i recognize that humans are in need of love, and human contact, and commitment. Gay people somehow either don't have those same basic needs, or don't deserve to have those needs met.{/josquote}

I have written a letter that I have been planning in my head for 18 years. I was raised a Baha'i, raised that homosexuality was a spiritual disease. At 16 years old, when I looked across a room and felt those fluttery feelings for another young woman, such as I had never felt for my boyfriends, I knew instantly that I was gay. I also knew this was no disease, this was the pure truth of how I was created.

If souls have no gender, why would it matter if the relationship were with the same-sex or a different-sex, shouldn't it just matter that it is a good relationship, full of love and respect and honesty?

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