The Subject of Boys

US National Spiritual Assembly re-circulates Jan. 3rd 2011 letter on homosexuality and human rights

In an interesting development National asks Americans Baha'is to study the January 3rd 2011 letter on homosexuality to better understand what manner is "appropriate" when engaging in discourse in public forums and social media dealing with this topic. I want to ask how "appropriate" it is for individuals lecturing the US Baha'i community at ABS conferences and local communities with a pro reparative therapy agenda with National's knowledge and support. I want to also ask if it is "appropriate" for an official agency of the US NSA to belong to the controversial and damaging reparative therapy group called NARTH?

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A growing presence in the LGBT rights movement: The religious

Supporters of gay marriage react outside the James R. Browning United States Courthouse after a federal appeals court declared California’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012 in San Francisco. (Lea Suzuki – AP)

Big GLBT pride events like the parade and festival happening in D.C. this weekend have been going on for so long and are so ubiquitous, they can seem barely newsworthy. Except for the fact of one growing segment: the religious.

Churches, synagogues and other faith-based groups are stepping up their outreach to gays and lesbians, part of a general opening of doors that have been firmly shut, including in the U.S. military (which dropped “don’t ask don’t tell” in late 2011) and the Boy Scouts of America (which dropped its ban on openly gay boys last month).

Organizers of this weekend’s Capital Pride named 14 faith-based groups participating in Sunday’s festival for the first time. They include Baptist, Lutheran and Quaker churches as well as the country’s largest Buddhist denomination, a Conservative synagogue and a Mormon advocacy group.

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Chicago Area Baha'is Attend LGBTQ Conference

Judy El-Amin at Bolder Than Out Social Justice Conference, April 6, 2013

CHICAGO (April 6, 2013) – For Chicago attorney Judy El-Amin, and four of her fellow members of the Bahá'í community the goal was to learn a new language—how to speak about the Bahá'í Faith in a meaningful and respectful way to individuals who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, that their hearts might become attracted to the message of the Divine Prophet for this age. (Today those individuals commonly refer to themselves with the acronym "LGBTQ".)

"In January," remarked Judy, "I was contacted by a longtime friend of mine, Georgia, an advocate for the LGBTQ community. She told me that she was serving on a steering committee that was planning a social justice conference serving the black LGBTQ community." She said that the conference would be held in Chicago on the weekend commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., April 5 -7. "We are planning to have an interfaith panel," said Georgia, "and I would like you to be a member of the panel representing the Bahá'í Faith."

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Baha'ism and Gay Marriage

Top Five Ways I Am Not A 'Proper Muslim', by Juan Cole

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

A world-renowned ecumenical religious jurist, Juan Cole has issued thousands of edicts over the past 35 years clarifying long-standing controversies in diverse religions from Roman Catholicism to Kalash polytheism. Rumour also has it that he travelled back in time and was secretly appointed pontifex maximus by Augustus (who falsely claimed he received this title in 12 BC) in order to ensure the proper administration of the compital cults featuring the Lares Augusti in Rome after 7 BC, such that ancient historians are increasingly linking the Roman Empire's ultimate decline to the failure to heed the guidance of Juan Cole.

Having recently explained to ignorant Islamophobes how the Tsarnaev brothers behind the Boston bombings were not 'proper Muslims', Cole now enlightens us in an exclusive guest post for this site on why he himself is not a proper Muslim in half as many ways as he pronounced the Tsarnaev brothers infidels:

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LGBT Spirituality: The Bahá’í Faith


A small Faith group that had its beginnings in 1844 and it now has a disperse membership of over 7 million worldwide. The Faith is a monotheistic religion emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind.

Baha’is’ have three core principles to their teachings and doctrine: the unity of God, that there is only one God who is the source of all creation; the unity of religion, that all major religions have the same spiritual source and come from the same God; and the unity of humankind, that all humans have been created equal, and that diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance.

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