But, why?

But, why?

What causes astonishment is the silence towards barbaric deeds against Bahais

[Shemirani was born in Iran and holds a Bachelor of Sciences from Johannes Guttenberg University. He is a freelance writer specializing in analytical articles on the socio-political issues of Iran and violations of children’s rights. The following is a translation of his recent article titled "I Am a Bahai Too!", published in Shahrgon online journal, 12 September 2008. Mr. Shemirani is not associated with the Bahai community and lives in Canada. -- Ahang Rabbani, translator.]

I want to cry out: “I am a Bahai! For as long as belief in the Bahai Faith is viewed as a crime, consider me a Bahai too! For that, you can end my meager pension, you can stop me from going to university, and you can abuse me in grade school and high school! You can seize me, bind me, imprison me, torture me, separate me from my family, burn my house, confiscate my tools through your religious laws , prevent me from earning bread for my children, execute me and at the end, expel me from Iran – my sacred land!”

It is more than 150 years that, leaning on the Shiite clerical establishment, the governmental apparatus of Iran has been determined to suppress the Bahais of that land. At times these suppressions have been so extremely intense that border on criminal insanity and at other times they have been more subtle and insidious – but always, always they have been present.

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