Wilson backs justice organization

Media Credit: Viktors Dindzans.
Rainn Wilson speaks about Tahirih Justice Center at Lisner Auditorium Sunday afternoon. The center advocates for women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence and discrimination.

"Office" star advocates for women's rights group during alumni event

Rainn Wilson stepped out of his popular "The Office" character Dwight Schrute at Lisner Auditorium on Sunday afternoon to promote a legal advocacy group for women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence or discrimination.

Around 600 to 700 tickets were sold to members of the GW community and the general public for the Alumni Weekend event, which raised money for the Tahirih Justice Center.

"I'm here to let you know about the work of the Tahirih Justice Center that has really opened my eyes about the plight of so many women around the globe," Wilson said of the Virginia-based organization.

In his talk, Wilson referenced his Baha'i faith and his search for a way to give back to the world as a result of his fame.

Wilson shared with the audience a Baha'i proverb: "The best beloved of all things in my sight is justice." Wilson said he sees this proverb at the core of the Tahirih Justice Center's work.

"When you actually hear the personal stories I was absolutely floored to hear women tearfully speak of rape, abduction, genital mutilation, forced marriages," Wilson said of the crimes abroad. "The idea that the U.S. could somehow have laws against being a safe haven for women escaping these injustices is ludicrous."

{josquote}One student said he was somewhat disappointed that the tone of the event was not totally comedic.{/josquote}

Wilson took a variety of questions from the audience ranging from "What is your favorite type of cheese?" to speculations on the romantic involvements of Dwight Schrute, his character in "The Office," which Wilson said "will continue to be interesting."

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