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Taking the Diefenbunker

Debert landmark fully belongs to patient buyer

Businessman Jonathan Baha’i has cleared a final hurdle in claiming sole ownership of the Debert Diefenbunker, an abandoned Cold War fallout shelter, shown in a file photo before the purchase.

Hunkered down inside the Diefenbunker in Debert, Jonathan Baha’i can finally breathe a secure sigh of relief.

“We finally stomped out the appeal,” Baha’i said Wednesday of clearing the final legal hurdle to undisputed ownership of the underground shelter.

The legal wrangling started not long after Baha’i purchased the 64,000-square-foot former military installation in November 2012 for less than $40,000 in a Colchester County tax sale.

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A New Religion - America Puzzled by a Strange Faith

Having brought the Bible up-to-date, America has "unearth a Messiah," or "Prophet," and his cult, under the name of Bahai Revelation," is spreading from New York and Boston to Chicago, and thence to the Pacific slope.

The whole of this strange new religion is wrapped in mystery, writes a New York correspondent.

The temple in 58th street, to which I gained admittance, was like a little concert hall, with daylight blocked out and electric lights most cunningly arranged. The mystic password was Allah-U-Abha!" Crowds entered, chiefiv ladies. Everybody was introduced to everybody else—"Sister True, of Chicago," to "Miss Blossom, of Boston" and then "Brother" Hoare caused a lectern to revolve and rise, and gave out what sounded like a Surah of the Koran. We responded devoutly, "Allah-U-Abha!" whereupon it was announced that Brother McNutt would address the meeting. This gentleman, an American—keen, welldressed, and alert—discoursed on his travels in Syria to find the "Prophet," who has his headquarters there, and told us of his arguments by starlight with Hindu Swamis and Moslem pillars of Islam from Morocco to Baghdad.

There was no collection, and no one was amazed to find that the basic religion simply rested on the formula of Mahommedanism: "There is no god but God, and Bahai'Ullah is his prophet."

Briefly, the idea is that all the religions on earth are, as it were, so many trees of divergent kind and many species while the "Bahai Revelation" is the parent soil from which they all spring. The cult aims at uniting Jews and Moslems, Christians and Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus and Confucians, all in one fold, wherein all faiths will "consort in love and fragrance."

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Baha'i Religion Upset With Google Knowledge Graph

Those six million people who are part of the Baha'i Faith are a bit upset with Google over their new Knowledge Graph.

One Baha'i or Bahá'u'lláh follower posted in the Google Web Search Help forums explaining the issue. In short, when you Google certain phrases, such as [declaration of the bab], which is a holiday they celebrate, up comes pictures of Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. Those who observe the faith rarely ever look at pictures of Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. They consider them a Manifestation of God and thus do not look at depictions of them either in pictures, drawings or other forms.

According to Wikipedia, they only may look at a picture on a pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel where the shrine of Bab is.

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What would Shoghi Effendi do?

Rolling Stone magazine cover

An extract from an interview Bob Dylan gave to Mikal Gilmore of Rolling Stone magazine:

Mikal: I've brought up the subject partly because of something you said the night he was elected: "It looks like things are gonna change now." Do you feel that the change you anticipated has been borne out?

Bob: You want to repeat that again? I have no idea what I said.

Mikal: It was Election Night 2008. Onstage at the University of Minnesota, introducing your band's members, you indicated your bassist and said, "Tony Gamier, wearing the Obama button. Tony likes to think it's a brand-new time right now. An age of light. Me, I was born in 1941 – that's the year they bombed Pearl Harbor. Well, I been living in a world of darkness ever since. But it looks like things are gonna change now."

Bob: I don't know what I said or didn't say. As far as Tony goes, yeah, maybe he was wearing an Obama button and maybe I said some stuff because right there in the moment it all made sense. Maybe I said things looked like they could change. And maybe they did change. I don't think I could have predicted how they would change, but whatever was said, it was said for people in that hall for that night. You know what I'm saying? It wasn't said to be played on a record forever. Or did I go down to the middle of town and give a speech?

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