The Astounding Career of Lord Moynihan

I was amazed to read in the Telegraph obituary of Lord Moynihan that he and his wife became Bahais in 1961.

Moynihan set off with his wife on a belly-dancing tour of Europe and the Far East. In 1961 the two of them converted to the Persian faith of Baha’ism: ‘It propagates Oneness of Mankind,’ Moynihan explained.

Wikipedia has his colourful life-story, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper. It didn’t take long for me to discover an article in Ebony, called Belly-Dancer who Became a Lady, which was written five years after he had become a Bahai. The couple were clearly well ahead of their time—tearing down racial barriers, and tirelessly travelling the world.

3 thoughts on “The Astounding Career of Lord Moynihan”

  1. Thank you, for sharing some of Lord Moynihan life. He was quite a character and well worth investigating. Here was a man who seemed to stay true to his eclectic beliefs and put them into practice as he traveled the world.
    There must be hundreds of excentric Baha’i who have not been documented.

  2. He was married to my half auntie, Roberta (Princess Amina, Shirin) her dad was my grandad James Colzie (Gunboat Jack) who also had a very interesting life! She told everyone she was an Italian Princess because of the racial issues. Her dad was a black American who was in the navy, then became a famous boxer and stuntman.

  3. Thanks for that information, and my apologies for the late reply. Access issues, now resolved. I need to follow up with some research. This is an amazing story and I don’t know of anyone else looking into it.

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