The Church of Scientology


I hear that the Church of Scientology is in a bit of trouble in Europe. A friend passed on a Time Magazine article about it – “Scientology Trial in France: Can a Religion Be Banned?”. I’ve also noticed that the church has been doing a lot of online advertising recently.

I  can’t say anything more because I’ve been censored. Not by the “church”, but by Google AdSense. There are certain things I can’t say about the advertising on this site. If I’m going to run ads, I have to accept Google’s rules. The important thing is that I’m free to continue saying the “church” is a giant scam.


sign from God

An innovative Christian-based advertising campaign is being carried out in New Zealand, and it’s attracted quite a bit of attention. The campaign is centred around the idea that “people think that Christianity is hypocritical, judgmental, intolerant and boring” so “rather than [being] preachy or judgmental, [its] messages will be loving, funny and personal.”

Here’s a 5-minute news report on the campaign – low-bandwidth or high-bandwidth