“Anna’s Presentation” booths to spring up in Germany

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The booths, designed by Andreas Rimkus using materials from ThyssenKrupp Nirosta, are being used in a pilot project in Hanover:

Outwardly, [the booth’s] appearance is shaped by the six symbols of the major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Baha’i). People can stand in the middle of the stainless steel sculpture and by touching various sensors immerse themselves in an unknown world. Similar to an audio book, visitors can hear about the most important teachings of the individual religions and discover that all religions pursue the same basic goal: peace. The texts were written by the Council of Religions in Hanover. They provide a brief introduction to the various religions and are available in different languages.

For the person who knows everything

I know this from my learnings

Earlier, I wrote:

The House is nothing if not systematic. It tries something, evaluates and adapts it, then tries again. If anything seems to work, it gets adopted and tried elsewhere. “Anna’s presentation” is probably a good example. A script in a training manual becomes an integral part of door-to-door teaching.
Expansion by expulsion

Today, I discovered a brand new use for Anna’s Presentation – the processing of self-recruited Baha’is:

Tonight she and I went through fundamental principles of the Faith using Anna’s Presentation over the phone to complete the confirmation process. (I explained that this is part of the process when a person is in an isolated locality and has never met with a Bahá’í about their declaration.) She already knew everything. She also knew about Feast and the Calendar and repeating the Greatest Name. She is fasting and looking forward to Naw Rúz and asked how she could contribute to the Fund.
“She already knew everything.”

What a handy-dandy document! It seems All We Really Need To Know We Learn In Kindergarten Anna’s Presentation