The Revelation Will Not Be Ruhi-ised

The Revelation will not Be Ruhi-ised.
You will not be able to home-visit, brother.
You will not be able to build a pyramid in your cluster.
You will not be able to lose yourself in paths of service,
Skip out for coffee during practicals,
Because the revolution will not be Ruhi-ised.

The Revelation will not be Ruhi-ised.
The revelation will not be brought to you by Palabra Press
In seven parts without commercial interruptions.
The revelation will not show you images of suns, lamps and mirrors.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revelation will not be right back after a message
about a political non-involvement, obedience, or unity in conformity.
You will not have to worry about the two essential movements, or exploiting the frameworks for action.
The revelation will not go better with accompaniment.
The revelation will not fight the apostates that may cause bad belief.
The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat.

The revelation will not be Ruhi-ised, will not be Ruhi-ised,
will not be Ruhi-ised, will not be Ruhi-ised.
The revelation will be no re-run, brothers;
The revelation will be live.

Instant Baha’i mission statements for all

Cubicle Cartooon - mission statementsBaha’i communities everywhere will be meeting to discuss the latest Ridvan message from the Universal House of Justice and to formulate their own mission statements in response to it. But that’s hard work! Cue the Ridvan 2007 Mission Statement Generator:

Just refresh the page to bring up a new mission statement.


Screenshot of the new video game, Learnings.

Screenshot of the new video game, “Learnings”.

The Baha’i World has been eagerly awaiting the next major stage in the roll-out of Ruhi to the masses. Meanwhile, there have been hints from Baha’i officials about the existence of something called “Learnings”.

At last, it can be revealed that a new version of Ruhi for the Video Age has been developed. It will shortly be available from Baha’i Distribution Services and other approved outlets.

Learnings is a puzzle game in which the goal is to guide a certain number of Learners to the exit on each level. The Learners enter the level through one or more hatches somewhere on the level. They can be assigned skills that are used to help them get to the exit. The levels get progressively harder, with some of the last levels being very difficult.

Sneak preview of the product.

Sneak preview of the product.

Wikipedia — an online, user-generated encyclopedia, specialising in popular culture — has already picked up on this exciting new development, and is featuring the new game. This augurs well for its future popularity!

“The game is unique and based around a concept previously untried. In the original Commodore Amiga version, there are 120 levels, and on each level, the player must guide a group of up to 100 learners (or 80 in many versions, such as DOS and Windows) home by giving individual Learners various commands. The “Learners” of the game are small, green-haired humanoid beings that mindlessly walk en masse into any danger in their path, following the popular myth that real lemmings behave in a similarly suicidal fashion.”