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Moojan Momen
Moojan Momen

About a week ago I posted a comment on a blog entry over at Iran Press Watch: the Baha’is in response to Moojan Momen’s article – A Show-Trial of Seven Leading Baha’is of Iran

My comment was:

“Moojan Momen is writing about the possibility of show trials against the Baha’is, who are regarded as apostates by the authorities in Iran, yet he has written a defamatory article — Marginality and apostasy in the Baha’i Community — about people he regards as apostates within his own Baha’i community.

The comment wasn’t posted, so I wrote to ask why:

Hi Neysan,

I realise that you reserve the right to delete or edit any comments as you see fit, but I would appreciate knowing what it was about my recent comment that caused it to be deleted.

I just need to know the rules so I can abide by them.

Here’s the reply I got:

From: Neysan Zölzer – IPW
Subject: Re: [Iran Press Watch: The Baha’is]
To: Steve Marshall

Dear Steve,

Your comment is not related to the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran. You are welcome to write comments regarding the topic of our site.

Kind regards,

It was so good to have that cleared up. I had started off by discussing the persecution of the Baha’is, but had gone off on a tangent and ended up discussing the persecution of the Baha’is.

Hate couture

Iranian government spokesman Elham talks about Zionist ties and how it's safest just not to wear one at all.
Iranian government spokesman Elham talks about Zionist ties and how it’s safest just not to wear one at all.

Should we give up our Zionist ties?

Due to some kind of wardrobe malfunction in Iran, the Baha’is are in trouble again. Apparently they have Zionist ties:

Iranian government confirms: Six leaders of Bahai community arrested as a result of anti-Iranian activity and Zionist ties.

Iran: Bahai leaders detained over ‘connection with Zionists’

What, you may ask, is a Zionist tie? I’m not sure myself, but I’m guessing these ones from Wild Ties and Judaic.com would qualify:

So how about we just stop wearing those silly annoying ties in Iran, and maybe this whole thing will just blow over?