The purpose of core activities

Earlier, I compared Ruhi to a virus and criticised the Haifan form of Ruhi for not encouraging social awareness.

…the original pre-1994 Colombian Ruhi “strain” probably had a better chance of catching on because it was more grounded in social action and economic development projects, and thus had a better chance of lifting a community — socially, spiritually and economically. The current “strain” has moved towards the inherently unsustainable Amway pyramid scheme model, where the product — balanced development of a community — is much less important than the “two essential movements” — clusters moving from C to A and participants moving from Book 1 to Book 7.
Swine Flew?

Dr. Payman Mohajer
Dr. Payman Mohajer

Well, it seems I’m wrong. Payman Mohajer, who is a  member of the Universal House of Justice, argues that the purpose of core activities is not to get converts but to serve society. He’s reported as saying:

…if someone were to ask us whether the purpose of our inviting them to join study circles is to make them Bahá’ís, we can confidently say ‘no’ and tell them that the purpose of our core activities is to assist in the transformation and betterment of society.
House member: Purpose of core activities to raise capacity to serve society, promote community development

Fantastic! I hope we’ll see a renewed emphasis on monitoring Ruhi’s positive effect on community development, rather than on counting study class participation levels and conversions.

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